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Here at Wessex Woodworm, we have experience in delivering effective woodworm treatments in a variety of environments. Whether your garage has been effected by woodworm or your roof timbers, we are here to help.

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Our woodworm treatments are offered throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. We have excellent local knowledge that enables us to provide effective and efficient solutions.

Treatment of Woodworm

woodworm treatment green line

Woodworm treatments have adapted and developed over the years. The odourless, water-based chemicals we use allow for a one hour re-entry. This means that treated parts of the property can be re-used the same day. However, if you do not need to use the treated space immediately, we recommended that it is left overnight to dry out. It is rarely necessary to vacate a property overnight, although some customers with sensitivities may find this is the best option.

The majority of our treatments can be carried out within the day and usually take a few hours to complete. With the exception of loft spaces, it is helpful if all residents including pets are vacated whilst the work is undertaken.

Our experienced surveyors will be able to find and assess problem areas. As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to have these certain parts of the property treated to protect against any future infestations.

As part of our company guarantee, we carry out a comprehensive treatment to all areas adjacent to any infestation. This will ensure the entire area is protected from the risk of re-infestation.

woodworm treatment green line

The most common signs of a woodworm infestation, past or present, are not always easy to identify. However there are some areas that are a common target, for example, beetles can often be found within the timber of inaccessible areas such as underneath the floor and in roof spaces.

Woodworm infestations can be spotted from the flight exit holes of the adult beetle and sometimes the yellow sawdust-like frass produced and expelled by the burrowing larvae or woodworm. This is easily observed in loft spaces and garages but not under flooring.

Woodworm Treatment

woodworm treatment green line

Our dedicated team take care of all preparation work, from lifting loft insulation and floor coverings to moving heavy furniture and items. If necessary, we will cover any items with sheets or treat areas in rotation. We can ensure our customers that there is no serious risk from contamination with the chemicals we use.

Woodworm Treatment

woodworm treatment green line

Most treatments are applied by spray application of a water-based emulsion containing the active ingredient Permethrin. This is widely used within the industry and approved to HSE standards.

Firstly, timbers are cleaned of loose dust and then sprayed twice to refusal. A gap between applications may be necessary to allow absorption of the initial application.

When treating Death Watch beetle, it may be necessary to brush apply a mayonnaise which is slowly absorbed and penetrates deeper into the infested timber.

A fogging machine is sometimes used whereby the chemical in the form of a mist is used to penetrate areas difficult to reach by other means.